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Local Representation

Natick has a representative town meeting government with 180 elected town meeting members, 18 members from each of its 10 precincts. In addition, the town government is made up of elected and appointed multi-member boards such as Board of Selectmen, School Committee, Planning Board, Board of Appeals, Finance Committee, Conservation Commission, and Board of Health. These boards have statutory authority provided by Massachusetts General Laws, the Natick Home Rule Charter, along with the Natick Zoning Bylaws and Natick Town Bylaws. Further, these boards and committees appoint the respective professional administrative leaders such as the Town Administrator and Superintendent of


Town Administrator/Superintendent of Schools

Per the Natick Home Rule Charter, the Town Administrator serves at the pleasure of his/her appointing authority, the Board of Selectmen. Generally, the term of the Town Administrator is 3-5 years. The Town Administrator facilitates the day-to- day business of the town and appoints most of the general government staff. The Superintendent of Schools serves at the pleasure of his/her appointing authority, the School Committee. Generally, the term of the Superintendent of Schools is 3-5 years.  Anna Nolin is the current Interim Superintendent. 


Select Board

Natick Select Board is comprised of five elected members who serve 3 year terms.

Consistent with Massachusetts law and the Natick Home Rule Charter, the Select Board have numerous powers and broad authority over the general government policies and assets, excluding such related to

the Natick Public Schools. Other large exceptions of such powers and authority are endowed in the Town Administrator, Superintendent of Schools and other multi-member boards.



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